Cultivating vibrant, high-performing and healthy organizations

K Communications helps companies identify the obstacles on their path and generate a new way of doing business that fosters accountable, high performing teams. We work with clients to identify and develop their true nature – and their untapped potential. Only by getting to the core of a company – its strengths, ailments, vision, values, people and culture – can business leaders get to the heart of the matter – and begin to create a truly thriving organization poised to navigate change and growth.

Culture Drives Performance. Leaders Drive Culture.




Our mission is to help business leaders set the tone for a vibrant and thriving organizational culture – one that drives performance.

We believe in:

  • Respecting our clients' expertise

  • Maintaining integrity in the conversation

  • Integrating authentic, robust and rigorous communications into all facets of the business

  • Creating high performing, engaged, vision and value-driven leaders and teams

  • Cultivating relationships through collaboration, respect, trust, accountability, and commitment

  • Tackling organizational challenges, paradigms, patterns, and obstacles that get in the way of creating results

  • Raising awareness for transformational breakthroughs by serving as a trusted adviser and confidential sounding board

  • Making our work inspiring, fun, and richly rewarding

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DJC Award Recipient

Karen Natzel, Business Therapist

consultant | strategic adviser | facilitator of conversations & relationships | confidential sounding board | workplace strategist

Karen Natzel has the unique capacity to connect with individuals to extrapolate what matters most.

K Communications is led by Karen Natzel, a strategic and interpersonal communications professional.  Karen has coached frontline workers, emerging leaders, small business owners, general managers and CEOs in developing personal and professional skills in communication, leadership, relationship building, priority management, employee relations and delegation. Karen provides training on how to approach difficult issues and enrich relationships.

In the role of business therapist, Karen serves as a sounding board, providing objective feedback on issues such as management effectiveness and organizational dynamics. She facilitates authentic conversations which foster trust and respect and an increased connection and contribution to the organization.

Photo Credit: Joel Port, Pigeon Spire, Bugaboos, Canada

Photo Credit: Joel Port, Pigeon Spire, Bugaboos, Canada