Building healthy, resilient cultures
that drive performance.

What makes an organization healthy?


Clearly, a company needs to be profitable to be viable. Financial health is a cornerstone to a company's capacity to deliver services, take care of its employees and remain competitive long term. Yet, if we measure only the balance sheet, we wouldn't have a true, holistic picture of what defines a healthy, resilient company. 

Business leaders also need to measure key non-financial performance indicators to give them a more balanced view of organizational health.

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The problem with communications is the illusion it’s been accomplished.
— George Bernard Shaw

Culture & Leadership: Setting the Tone

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In the work environment there is a nebulous feeling in the air that drives what gets done and how. It's called "culture". It's intangible, yet palpable. And in organizations, it either sustains and boosts performance, or it impedes and even sabatoges the greatest of plans.

Culture can be intentionally cultivated, driven by the company's vision and core values; or it can exist by default, at the whim of personalities and organizational dynamics. Either way, leadership sets the tone. Discover how your leadership team can help create a culture of accountability and empowerment.


Have the conversation. Even the tough ones. 


There seems to be a universal agreement that building strong relationships is good for business.

The quality of our conversations dictate the quality of our relationships.

And yet, we often fail to have the kind of genuine and meaningful conversations that build powerful relationships.

We may attempt to have the conversation - but we tend to avoid being direct. We infer. Suggest. Hint. Gloss over. Or we are caught up in the whirlwind and don't make time for substantial conversations. Then we get frustrated and relationships deteriorate.

Conversely, fostering a culture where open, honest dialogue is actively practiced and encouraged creates an atmosphere of transparency, trust and respect.

What conversation will you have?

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