How healthy is your company?

Clearly, a company needs to be profitable to be viable. Financial health is a cornerstone to a company's capacity to deliver services, take care of employees, remain competitive in the long term and fuel growth. Yet, if we measure only the balance sheet, we wouldn't have a true, holistic and sustainable picture of what defines a healthy, resilient company.

Business leaders also need to measure non-financial key performance indicators to give them a more balanced view of organizational health. These indicators all define and shape your culture and your true brand.

Build a High Performing Culture - Start with a Company Health Check-Up (PDF)

Culture Drives Performance - The Value of Fully Engaging Your Employees

Gallup research indicates the difference in peformance between engaged and actively disengaged work units was significant. Work units in the top quartile in employee engagement outperformed bottom-quartile units by 10% on customer ratings, 22% in profitability and 21% in productivity.

Engaged employees:

engaged employees
  • Feel a sense of ownership and pride in their organization
  • Are energized, enthusiastic, accountable and self-motivated
  • Become invested in their work - which leads to higher job satisfaction and a greater retention rate
  • Generate ideas and exert voluntary effort to better their organization. This leads to higher revenues, cost savings, increased creativity and improved customer satisfaction
  • Have higher morale and job performance, this leads to attracting more high performance talent

It’s a New World for Businesses. The pressure to maximize your organization’s performance has perhaps never been greater.  The economy over the last few years has created a renewed need for leaner and more effective organizations: customers expect more, companies need to do more with less (and faster), and competition is intensifying.  But – with the complexity and whirlwind of organizational dynamics – where does one start?  

A Company Health Check Up - Organizational Assessment

Organizational Deficiencies are Hampering Potential. The organizational ailments of communication breakdowns, change and uncertainties, lack of mentors, unproductive side conversations, operating in silos, micromanagement, lack of reporting mechanisms or established protocols and procedures, ambiguity in roles, all play a role in negatively impacting the culture, effectiveness and efficiency of the company. Conversely, by tapping into your team's undeveloped potential and leveraging your strengths, you can catapult your company's growth and good health.


By taking "the pulse" of your organization, you can gain critical information and feedback. This internal market intelligence helps you focus your resources on building upon your strengths and shoring up the company where it is at risk. It will shine a light on areas where, collectively, you may be inadvertently tolerating inefficiencies and communication breakdowns as the "norm". It also creates a culture of increased alignment, participation, pride and sense of ownership. It sets the tone for accountability and transparency and invites enhanced engagement and empowerment.

Discover the health of your company with a customized organizational assessment.

Unearth your strengths and ailments. Through a of collection of methodologies -  employee interviews, surveys, meeting observations, appraisal of communication channels, and process and documentation review, K Communications can assess the health of your organization based on over 10 Key Performance Indicators. Together we can pinpoint what's working and what's not so you can create a game plan that builds a vibrant and high performing company culture.

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