Partnering with K Communications can provide your company with a much needed new perspective to move business forward. K Communications brings clarity to what's working and what's not and delivers a prescription for good organizational health!

Your organization can start with a Company Health Check Up or a specific initiative such as Strategy & Vision Development or Leadership Development - using a variety of tools in the Business Therapist's toolbox to help you grow your business and your team. Each approach is customized to our clients' specific circumstances and needs. 

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Common Organizational Ailments

  • Communication Breakdowns

  • Unclear Expectations & Insufficient Feedback

  • Lack of Direction & Loss of Momentum

  • Poor Morale & Teamwork; Lack of Motivation, Lack of Employee Engagement

  • Gossip/Office Politics; Lack of Respect; Us vs. Them, Field vs. Office

  • Inefficiencies / Unproductive

  • Lack of Initiative & Accountability

  • Lack of Clarity in Roles, Responsibilities and Reporting

  • Micromanagement / Lack of Delegation

  • No Training or Confidential Sounding Board for Leadership

  • Time & Priority Management - Too many "balls in the air" and "irons in the fire"

  • Perception of Preferential Treatment

Managing Growth & Change

All too often, leaders in companies struggle with managing growth and change amidst the whirlwind of the daily grind. As they strive to keep the business moving forward, they may find it challenging to address issues at the root cause. New initiatives fall by the wayside, employee issues seem to expand, firefighting is a daily routine and there's the growing burden of the neverending "to do" list - prompting business leaders to wonder if they are making any progress at all!

Nearly all issues could be drastically transformed with the improvement in two core competencies:

Leadership & Communications!


K Communications can help you and your team set the course for a new, more effective way of doing business.

  1. Company Health Check Up - Organizational Assessment based on Key Performance Indicators

  2. Training: Workshops & Keynotes - Leadership, Communications, Conflict/Issue Resolution, Delegation, Culture, Accountability, Employee Engagement

  3. Coaching for Excellence Program - Confidential Sounding Board to Launch Your Potential

  4. Facilitation for Results - Strategy Sessions, Retreats, Meetings, Projects, Debriefs, Difficult Conversations, Client Feedback Interviews

  5. Priorities in Action - a 6-month facilitated, training and coaching program for leadership teams to navigate growth and change

Each organization is unique – different challenges, resources and objectives. Yet each can benefit from the business therapy process in a myriad of ways. If you are committed to the process, you can start experiencing results right away!

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