Building a Healthy, High Performing Culture

The old adage of "all organizations are the same, and all organizations are unique." rings true when it comes to defining the most common ailments and for prescribing the proper diagnosis and treatment.

Top Key Performance Indicators of Organizational Health:

Team Building / Partnering Workshop

Team Building / Partnering Workshop

  • Communications - How robust, genuine, respectful, transparent, timely, relevant, and accurate are your communications? How do you handle communication breakdowns and conflict?

  • Leadership Effectiveness- Leadership is a multifaceted role; how adept is your leadership team? Credibility is key to building trust and setting the right tone.

  • Creating Alignment - Do you have a shared vision and common purpose? How well do you live your organization’s core values? Is there clarity and commitment to goals and priorities?

  • Employee Engagement - Do your employees take initiative, offer creative solutions, do what it takes to deliver, feel appreciated and recognized for their performance?

Training can be instrumental in addressing organizational ailments and unleashing your team's potential. Whether it's done in a workshop, keynote or extended training program, training is an investment in your team's knowledge, skills and attitude. A competent, aligned and energized team can do amazing things together!

Workshops & Keynote Presentations

45 minutes -  half day. Onsite or offsite.  Monthly, quarterly or annual staff meetings, retreats, association conferences, project team building sessions, brown bag lunches, etc.

Slay the Dragon of Resistance

Slay the Dragon of Resistance

  • The Transformational Power of Agreements
    Introduce your team to a shared code of conduct that fosters accountability, emotional intelligence, communications, and strong work ethic.

  • How to Engage in Conflict and Enrich the Relationship -Communication has transitioned from being considered a "soft skill" to a skill that is seen as imperative to creating efficiencies, high performance, and the building of strong relationships. Participants explore the healthy and unhealthy attitudes and beliefs we hold about conflict and examined more effective, skill-based communication approaches to resolving issues and enriching relationships.

  • Ultimate Customer Service: Emotional Intelligence + Collaboration in Action

  • Slay the Dragon of Resistance

    • Tackle Issues. Create Momentum.

    • Be a Change Agent.

    • Drive Performance - Yours and Your Team's.

  • Healthy Companies: Culture, Core Values & Your Brand

    • Key Performance Indicators of Healthy Companies

    • Walking the Talk

    • Manifesto-Making

    • Culture-Tending

    • Brand Ambassadors

  • Leadership Therapy

  • Dare to Delegate and Transform Your Culture

  • Living from the Core: The Power of Living in Alignment. Identify what matters most to you and how to live in integrity.

Contact K Communications to explore bringing a seminar or workshop into your organization.

It was an extremely productive use of my time to attend Karen Natzel’s workshop about what it takes to create Healthy Companies. Her delivery was engaging and to the point; her mastery of the content was evident, given the many useful examples she provided. From her confident delivery to the compelling content, it is clear that Karen has given this topic a great deal of thought, and I am delighted to be one of those beneficiaries.
— Lois Cohen, President, Lois D. Cohen Associates
Fantastic! Very informative. I will be sharing this with management!
— Participant in Healthy Company presentation
This is the most valuable training I’ve received in my nine years at this organization. Thank you!
— Navigating Difficult Conversations + Enriching Relationships Workshop Participant

Expanded Training Programs

Minimum 4-8 weeks. Onsite. Project teams, leadership teams, company-wide culture building initiatives, etc.

  • The Transformational Power of 4 Agreements

    • People's fears and unhealthy patterns, coupled with uncertainties in the market, can deteriorate and sabotage your culture. Gossip, negativity, distrust and playing it safe can seep into your work environment and diminish a team's capacity to perform.

    • Discover a new shared code of conduct; one that inspires integrity, trust, accountability and excellence. This highly interactive training is designed to raise people's awareness and build a template for personal development and strong relationships.

Raise Your Game
  • Raise Your Game - manager for results: Leadership Development

    • What's it take to be a Leader? Leadership Competencies & Self Assessment

    • Vision, Core Values + Culture

    • Communication Styles

    • Conflict / Issue Resolution

    • Delegate Effectively and Transform Your Culture

    • Critical Communication Skills: Set Clear Expectations and Provide Constructive, Real Time Feedback

    • Capstone: Commitment to Raising Your Game - Individualized Leadership Development Plan

  • priorities in action (6 months)

    • Identify Top Priorities - By Company & Department

    • Create a Framework for Accountability

    • Develop Your Leadership Team's Skills to Drive Performance

    • Move the Right Things Forward with Focus, Alignment & Velocity


You were amazing as usual and your feedback [from participants] was off the chart. Your leadership workshop was highly interactive and really ignited conversations about better ways to practice being a leader.
— Samantha Jordan, NAWIC Build Industry Forum, SMPS President on "Leadership Therapy"