Overview of Services

K Communications addresses business challenges from an organizational health perspective. We help business leaders navigate the rocky road of growth and change by cultivating a value-driven and robust culture. Together, we tackle tough organizational challenges and leverage strengths to build powerfully aligned teams!

Approach & Tools:  Business Therapy, for what ails your company.

  • Company Health Check Up - organizational health assessment based on key performance indicators
  • Employee Engagement - create loyal, high performing brand ambassadors
  • Leadership Development - empowering leaders with the awareness and skills to lead teams and produce results
  • Priorities in Action - a program for leadership teams to get aligned, define priorities, drive results with actionable plans, and foster transparency, cohesiveness, accountability and collaboration.
  • Training & Coaching - unleash your team's potential and create breakthroughs
  • Strategy & Facilitation - get clear on goals and messaging, navigate change, build relationships and maximze your communication channels
  • Communications Coaching - resolving issues, setting clear expectations, giving and receiving constructive feedback, better listening, improved collaborations and more

The Results: 

  • Clearer understanding of strengths and core competencies
  • More effective, aligned and cohesive leadership teams
  • Increased efficiencies through improved communications
  • Better employee relations & stronger teams
  • A more resilient company culture
  • Increased effectiveness in company meetings
  • More synergy, collaboration and accountability
  • Clearer direction & better use of resources