Vertical Therapy

As many of my colleagues know, the passion for my business therapy craft is matched by the passion for my climbing adventures. Fortunately for me, my experiences in the natural world inspire insights into how to help my clients navigate their adventures. If only I could claim it as a business expense!

Many of you have asked I write about these experiences. Stay tuned for tall tales, lessons learned and vertical therapy from a business therapist's perspective.

Mt. Conness, 12,590'

Mt. Conness, 12,590'


When something is on your bucket list for an extended period of time you begin to wonder two things:

1)  Will I ever really do it, and

2)  Will it be as good as I've built it up to be?

Mt. Conness, looming at 12,590', was such an objective for me. For years I've heard my climbing mentors talk of how classic of a climb it was, tucked back in the High Sierra, on the boundary between Inyo National Forest and Yosemite National Park. It offered quality granite with immense exposure at a mellow level of difficulty. Perfect. The mountains were calling (Thanks John Muir).

What could possibly go wrong??


 A random collection of climbing adventures over the years. Enjoy!