Results - from our clients' perspective.

Thanks Karen. The afternoon went well. The level of communication was much better than I expected. Thank you for the good job facilitating. I think we made some significant progress during the session.
— Steve Kelley, Fort Lewis Resident Officer and George Henry, Area Engineer, Partnering Session for US Army Corps of Engineers

I just wanted to say thank you once again for all of your support during last week’s safety summit. The feedback from your [Where Conflict & Safety Intersect] presentation has been incredible. Thanks for being apart and playing such a key role in making it a great summit.
— NE Regional Safety & Health Director, Metals Recycling Business

Three months ago you were hired to enter into a coaching program with me to evaluate and work on my soft skills. I recently had been promoted to upper management and was thought to be a little “rough around the edges”.

I was a bit skeptical at first...but all of my doubts are gone and I am a believer. I have noticed a change in my approach to people at all levels. I feel less animosity towards subcontractors that are having a hard time performing - and more willingness to help them. I feel more about of the office team, a place where I had felt uncomfortable in the past.

I feel strongly that all members of a company enter into this type of awareness. I am not aware of anyone that would not benefit from this program.

Your approach and professionalism made admitting my faults and shortcomings feel natural, comfortable and welcome. Thank you for your help.
— H.G. General Superintendent, One-on-One Coaching Program

You geared the [leadership therapy] training in such a way that it was applicable and tangible. Your positive attitude and great character is an instant hit!
— City of Dallas, Administrative Services Manager, Dallas Police Department



I do appreciate all the hard work you do for the College. It’s especially recognized in our meetings - you keep us on task and engage the group in creative thinking. Good job!
— Danna Graham, Director of Sales, Marketing & Professional Development, NW College of Construction, Facilitation
Facilitation of SWOT Analysis

Facilitation of SWOT Analysis

Thanks so much for orchestrating this training session for the sales/management staff.

I personally found it valuable. So many off-sites we’ve done in the past were not nearly as productive.

Since we’re 100% commission based salespeople, time is all we have. This was time well spent.
— Account Manager

That was a challenging job to emcee last night and you were GREAT. Huge room! We were up in the balcony and you were even projecting your great personality up there!

You really came across warm, confident and comfortable - a great host!
— Mazama Nepal Fundraiser

Great job capturing all that was discussed at the board retreat. Your work and guidance are both very much appreciated.

I cam away from yesterday’s planning session feeling very positive! Karen, you did a good job keeping us focused and we came up with specific measurable tasks that appear to be very doable. More than ever, I feel a need and excitement / enthusiasm for the training at the college!
— NWCOC Board Member, Retreat Planning Session

You are so good. I will forward this on to Chuck and Dan. You really got to Dan...he was a skeptic..but in the end he was really glad we went through the whole process!
— R.S. leadership strategy session
Team Building Exercise

Team Building Exercise

Thank you for the wonderful training you put on for my employees. I have received good feedback from a number of employees. Great job!
— City Manager

The four agreements are making a positive impact in our workplace. They are also a good reminder about just what making an agreement with yourself and others really means.
— Portland Public School Workshop Participant

Just want you to know that I received a lot of positive feedback from your [4 Agreements] presentation. It will be very useful for our organization.

We have been discussing the ‘taking things personally’ issue over the last couple days. One of my staff was upset over a personnel issue and I reminded him of it. Then later that day I had an encounter that was troubling me, and it took a while before I figured out I was taking it personally. After I told myself to ‘stop it’ things fell into perspective and was not the big issue I had made it into. We need to keep practicing!
— City of Kirkland Manager

Karen, I had an interesting meeting with [x], Project Manager. He is the guy I met with you about to improve communications. He hasn’t paid our retention and has never returned calls or emails. He called today with more work - I told him I would love to take on the work but could not do so if it would keep our contract open and further delay retention payment. He was irritated at first - but I remained calm and professional.

Wow, is that empowering! I was able to COMMUNICATE my position without being defensive or fearful. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced that before. Amazing! Your training has had a wonderful influence on me. Thanks.
— G.S. Business Owner, Communications Coaching

Thank you Christine and Karen for leading a sensitive conversation so well. I thought the pace was good and presented in a good way. Karen, I appreciated your occasional comments/clarifications and asking for their thoughts at the end.

I appreciate your high level of customer service through this contract.
— ODOT Facilities Manager

Thank you for being the glue and never giving up.
— Jay Beeks, PE, Design-Build Project
k communications logo

Thank you Karen!

This is very helpful. Your role in our off-site session was critical. Everyone appreciated you insights, direction and very pleasant personality. Let’s follow up in a discussion next week.
— Sales Director

I will say I think that our team building session was instrumental in the formation of our high performing team. I’d do it again on future partnerships. Thanks for your help. I especially liked the one to one interaction our groups were able to do.
— Joint Venture, Integrated Project Delivery Team

Most usable training I have had in my nine years at this organization!
— Navigating Difficult Conversations Workshop Participant

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