Culture drives performance. Leaders set the tone.

While strategy is critical to any organization’s forward direction, it’s the culture that ultimately will manifest your vision. If a culture is healthy, strategy can be executed in such a way that it propels growth with great velocity; if the culture is ailing, every obstacle becomes a roadblock to your success, slowing down and even stagnating your organization’s progress.

Business leaders are often so focused on steering the ship in the right direction they can’t always see the nuances of organizational dynamics that may side rail great intentions. “Business Therapy” is a way to grow an organization by intentionally cultivating a vibrant company culture – a culture that drives performance.

The more we can build healthy and on-purpose cultures, the higher propensity we have for creating the results we want – in the bottom line and in relationships. Business therapy is a methodology for raising awareness and creating forward momentum. It can ignite the spirit of your organization and bring new levels of personal and organizational accountability, collaboration and excellence.

As a “Business Therapist” Karen Natzel serves as a guide through the journey of business life for leaders who want to continually improve and enhance their effectiveness. She is your confidential sounding board as you navigate change and growth.

Karen Natzel,  Business Therapist

Karen Natzel, Business Therapist

Karen facilitates authentic conversations that highlight opportunities and define desired outcomes, while unearthing concerns and obstacles that would have otherwise sabotaged situations. She empowers leaders with the capacity to foster trust and respect that increases connection and contribution to their organizations.

All this has positive impact on the organization’s health – increased clarity and alignment, improved communications and accountability, better utilization of resources and stronger relationships.

Business Therapy: Have the conversation.