Business Therapy: for what ails your company.
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K Communications helps clients identify, develop and communicate their true nature – and their untapped potential. Only by getting to the core of a company – its strengths, values, mission, people and culture – can organizations thrive.

We are dedicated to helping companies identify the obstacles in their path and create a road map for real, lasting improvements. We do this through facilitating conversations – internally and externally - that build long-term solid relationships. By cultivating relationships, we build business.

Karen Natzel, Principal of K CommunicationsK Communications’ principal, Karen Natzel, has the unique capacity to connect with individuals and capture the essence of a company. Karen leads team through a customized, in-depth “business therapy” process delivering clarity and momentum to a company’s direction. It also ensures alignment of business decisions with core values and competencies.

To cultivate thriving & vibrant organizations

The mission of K Communications is to help businesses align with their strategic vision and core values to achieve unparalleled results. We tackle organizational challenges that keep people from performing at their best. We help people build relationships through authentic and robust communications, internally and externally. By cultivating relationships, we create vibrant businesses.

K Communications helps businesses align with their core values and competencies to achieve unparalleled results.

We believe in
identifying and cultivating a company’s true brand
maintaining integrity in the conversation
creating abudance for our clients
telling our clients’ stories authentically and with personality
respecting our clients’ expertise
a collaborative approach to achieving results
integrating compelling communications into all facets of the business
making it fun and rewarding

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